The Rose of No Man’s Land is the first and only tattoo parlor located in Woodbury, Minnesota. Our resident artists (Marx Barry, Josh Edwards and Kyle Franklin) and piercers (Ryan Malone) founded “The Rose” in 2010 and bring with them more than 56 years of combined experience in the tattooing and piercing industry.

After nearly a decade of serving the Twin Cities and the surrounding Metro, five former members of the original crew of the Aloha Monkey Tattoo in Burnsville, Minnesota set out for new horizons. With a shared love of history, respect for tradition and a dedication to solid customer service, the Rose of No Man’s Land was born. Their goal: to offer the surrounding community a work ethic, service experience, and beautifully crafted images that are second to none.

A bit of background on the name of our studio: The Rose of No Man’s Land holds an important place in the history of tattooing. The term dates back to the First World War and was coined from a song written by Jack Caddigan and James A. Brennan. “No Man’s Land” was known throughout WWI and WWII as the desolate area between opposing trenches. “The Rose” symbolizes the Red Cross nurses who tended to wounded soldiers in the battlefield. In the tattoo culture, this image has been used historically to memorialize those women, many of whom were viewed as saviors.