Our Tattoo Artists

Marx Barry

Marx began tattooing in 1996, where he apprenticed under Pamm Reynolds in a small town near his boyhood home on the great plains of Northern Illinois. At an early age he quickly displayed an innate skill for placing himself in the right place at the right time, and his tattoo career has thus been riddled with what often appears to be “good luck”. This path eventually brought him to the cold northern shores of the Mississippi, where he met the four guys who would eventually become the fellow members of the Rose.

Kris Lefebvre

Kris a recent graduate from the College of Visual Arts. He has been traditionally trained as a Tattoo Artist and have been tattooing professionally since 2003. Being involved in tattooing and educated in the field of arts, Kris has gained a unique set of skills. His work consists of bold lines,strong color, and powerful imagery. Along with this, Kris also has a strong sense of composition and technique, that is applied to each and every tattoo he does.

Austin Gibson

Images coming soon. 

Josh Edwards

Josh Edwards has been tattooing since 1996. He apprenticed under his father, Larry Edwards, at Atomic Tattoo in Austin, Texas. He returned to the Twin Cities in 1999 and eventually settled at the Aloha Monkey working with Mike Malone (“Rollo”) and Keith Underwood. He remained at the Aloha Monkey through 2010, at which time he and his colleagues decided to open The Rose of No Man’s Land in Woodbury (where he attended high school). When he’s not tattooing, he’s either fishing, painting, or winning spelling contests.

Kyle Franklin

Kyle Franklin has been tattooing since 2004. He has spent his entire career tattooing in the vicinity of the Twin Cities. He can tattoo any style, but particular enjoys producing large scale pieces and has an inclination toward traditional American and Japanese art.

Andy Hefner

​Andy Hefner owns several tattoo machines.