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How do I get pierced?

All of our piercing services (including jewelry changes and downsizing) are done by appointment only. You must schedule your appointment online.

*If you do not upload all required documents while filling out the consent form, your appointment will be denied and you will lose your appointment time!

You can book online by following this link!

The piercing booking site says you have no appointments available for today/this weekend, should I call to see if I can get on the schedule?

No, if the booking site says there is no appointment availability it is because we are fully booked. You can book for another day and put yourself on the wait/cancellation list through the booking site!

Why was my appointment request denied?

We try to send you a detailed message explaining the reason for the denial. In most cases it is because you did not upload your identification documents correctly.

*Once your appointment has been denied, you lose the time slot you requested and you must fill out the consent form again and correctly upload all required documents, then rebook your appointment. Sometimes you may completely lose your desired appointment time because someone else has booked in that time slot after your appointment was denied.

Do I need an appointment if I just want to purchase jewelry?

No appointment is needed to purchase jewelry. Stop by any time and the front desk staff will help you find the perfect piece for your healed piercing.

What kind of metal is your jewelry?

We carry implant grade titanium and 14k gold or rose gold.

Do you sell piercing gift certificates?

Yes! We can only sell them in person. You can stop by anytime and our front desk staff member can help you purchase one.

*Gift certificates sold for piercing cannot be used for a tattoo.


What is the shop minimum for a tattoo?

Our minimum is $100. This will typically be a pretty small and simple tattoo.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes! We take walk-ins everyday. They will be tattooed on a first come first served basis. The earlier in the day that you arrive, the better you chances will be to get in.

What is considered a walk in tattoo?

Typically, any design that is approximately the size of the palm of your hand or smaller. Larger tattoos will require an appointment to be scheduled at a later date.

How do I get a price quote for my tattoo?

You will have to stop into the shop in person to get a price quote for your tattoo. Unfortunately, there are just too many variables to give price quotes over the phone or e-mail.

How do I set up an appointment for a tattoo?

Stop into the shop during business hours to schedule an appointment. We will need to speak with you in person to schedule an appointment with one of our artists.

Do I need to schedule a consultation for a tattoo appointment?

No, you can come in at your convenience during our business hours. You will then talk to one of our front desk staff who will then facilitate scheduling your appointment. A deposit will be required to schedule your appointment.

What is the tattoo deposit, and do I have to leave one?

We take a $100 non-refundable deposit to set up all tattoo appointments. Your deposit will be applied to the final cost of your tattoo.

We take deposits to account for the time the artist will spend researching and designing you tattoo. Final designs will be ready for you on the day of your tattoo appointment.

Can I request a specific artist?

Absolutely! You can request an artist for a walk-in or for an appointment. Please stop in on the day that your specific artist works.

Kyle      Monday-Thursday

Josh     Tuesday-Friday

Marx     Monday-Wednesday

Kris       Thursday-Sunday

Miles     Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Britt       Friday-Sunday

Matt      Saturday-Tuesday

Are there any locations your artists will not tattoo?

Our artists will not tattoo the inside of fingers, palms of hands, bottoms/lower sides of feet, or inner lip.

Do you sell tattoo gift certificates?

Yes! We can only sell them in person. You can stop by during business hours and our front desk staff can help you out. 

*Tattoo gift certificates can only be used for tattoos. They do not apply to piercings or jewelry purchases.


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